Frequently Asked Questions


  1. My company has never outsourced any services before. Will you be able to help me during the migration process?

    YES.  OutsourcePro’s main objective is to support small and medium size companies make the outsourcing process as simple and problem free as possible.


  1. I am a small business and my accounting needs are simple. Can you help me?

    YES. OutsourcePro can customize your accounting reports based on the size of your company.  We can do simple month end bookkeeping for smaller businesses and we also offer complete financial reporting packages for bigger companies.


  1. Are your staff compliant with GAAP Accounting principles?

    YES.  OutsourcePro only works with accounting partners that have CPAs and accounting graduates on staff and who use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


  1. Do I have to provide my own accounting software or can the outsourcing company provide that for my business?

    You have the option to use your own accounting software or your company can take advantage of the existing software owned by the outsourced accounting firm. 


  1. Will my company save by outsourcing through OutsourcePro?

    YES.  We can almost guarantee that by outsourcing your back office support operations, your company can save anywhere from 20-40% of your current expenses.


  1. Can I combine your services based on my company needs?

    YES. OutsourcePro was created precisely to assist your company in utilizing only the services that you want to outsource. 


  1. Do you work with any industry?

    YES.  We can customize all of our services to fit your industry requirements. That includes accounting services,  IT support services,payroll services, customer support and call center service and miscellaneous BPO and back office services.


  1. Do you offer IT support services all over the US?

    NO. Currently our services are limited to some areas in Southern California including Orange County and San Diego County.


  1. Are your partners based in the US or are they offshore companies?

    OutsourcePro works with local and offshore based companies to provide you with the biggest savings.  All of our  IT support partners are based in the US so they can provide you with on site support.   


  1. Will my data be secure?

    OutsourcePro only works with major outsourcing companies that have security measures in place.  We will explain all of the security features to you once we establish your specific requirements.