Payroll Processing Outsourcing

Processing the company payroll is a time consuming and painstaking process.

It takes away from the time that your company can spend on revenue generating operations. There are many benefits to outsourcing your company payroll.

Aside from refocusing your company’s effort on profit related tasks, you can reduce labor costs when you outsource to a payroll provider. Other benefits include knowing that your payroll provider always has the latest software version needed to run your company payroll. Payroll regulations are constantly changing. By outsourcing the payroll to professionals, a small and medium business can have the same expert knowledge that is often limited to major corporations.

If your company’s payroll specialist decides to leave your company, you are left with the headache of finding another employee and retraining that person with your company’s processes. Payroll outsourcing eliminates this problem altogether.

Outsourcepro specializes in small and medium size business payroll outsourcing. Our payroll partner has the knowledge of the latest payroll software including ADP, E-payroll, QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB. Our payroll specialists are experts at the latest payroll processing technology.

Payroll Service Features

  • Manual or Automated Time Sheet Processing
  • Software expertise including E-Payroll, ADP, Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB, and more
  • Superannuation computation and remittance
  • PAYG computation and remittance
  • No manual processing: we use payroll processors to reduce the risk of miscalculation